What is Christian Science?

Christian Science is the practice of  viewing an object or circumstance and revealing it as a true idea, working with it in consciousness to see its real substance as an object of Mind, encompassing the idea that matter only exists in a state of consciousness. It is a system discovered by Mary Baker Eddy and described in her primary work “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” to ensure that situations and things are not dealt with as material objects or situations but are viewed as false consciousness which needs an uplifted view.

150 years ago natural science began to classify material objects into categories which could be studied. After a series of discoveries in natural science, it then believed that the human mind played a big part in how we see the world. More recently these are viewed in terms of our opinion of them which decides if we accept or reject them. So it is clear that evolution is preparing to move towards higher ideas. Mary Baker Eddy had already clarified her system by the time of her death in 1910 which humanity is slowly finding.

Mary Baker Eddy discovered that the Bible was not a book which was mysteriously given by a personal God but is a book outlining Spiritual laws and their working, by using metaphors and stories about how these laws work in order to uplift our conciousness which shapes our reality.

Christianity is ultimately the cornerstone of her system because if we do not view “things” as material, we must view them as Spiritual, (Objects of consciousness) The idea is that every thought needs to be brought into line to uncover reality which is ultimately uncovering the knowledge of God or whatever name you choose to use to describe the Love in which we live. With the uplifting of the view, it brings healing not only of conflict but also of disease. The Bible in this system uses symbols and allegories to clarify what reality is.

It is my opinion that, like most religious movements, the Institutions founded to support her ideas have been reduced in their metaphysical work due to power, control, personality and ecclesiastical hierarchy. It is not helped by the pervading ideas of mysticism and the complete failure of all Churches to move forward in their views as they work mainly in their domain of materiality. These institutions upon which men were taught to lean on leave man helpless rather than empowering them to raise their thought.

As a result these religious groups are slowly vanishing, leaving her work as a classification of Science rather than a religious idea. In itself proving the link that Religion in its pure sense as taught in her system is a correct and clear branch of Science.