Poems 1997-2002

Along the way I walk with love

guided by thy holy dove

no more I suffer pain and sorrow

I wait for God today, tomorrow

A joy that none can take away

is mine o blessed wondrous day

Who with me will walk with love

will talk to God with childlike trust

Mercy great and free for all

Jesus answers every call

he dispels the darkened night

who will see this glorious light

Come walk with me the way of love

behind you placing all distrust

raise up your heart with courage child

receive the peace both meek and mild

receive the hand upon your life

come walk with me and see the light


Our Holy Church of God

through every Godly act

incorrupted by these times

our faith remains intact

From ancient times to distant shores

beneath the oak or palm

the unseen presence she adores

with silence and with Psalm

We are all God’s chosen sons

to aid her in her need

the pure in heart her baptized ones

Love, how sweet indeed

O those bells of time they sound

night and day they chime aloud

sounding clearly through the years

passing days are filled with fear

O those bells of time they sound

peace and love will soon abound

no more straining ears to hear

that gentle whisper “Have No Fear”

O those bells of time they sound

soon no longer chime aloud

no more straining eyes to see

faced with Blessed Eternity



I lay awake and watched her sleeping

in the moonlit starry night

today in pain I watched her weeping

I know she won’t give up the fight

Behind those smiles of passing days

I hear those words we never say

hopes and dreams still unfufilled

one more toast then pay the bill

Patiently she prays to God

with thanksgiving for her lot

while I search for one to blame

with her Master she remains

My comfort comes from changed ideals

thrust on me by pain she feels

forced to think there is no end

for the hope of life again


My friend Rainbow Girl

Laughing watching sharing tales

Like boats in passing waving sails

Pain from places by E.mail

With my friend Rainbow Girl

Logging chatting different rooms

Scared to talk we’re hurt so soon

All things pass with each new moon

With my friend Rainbow Girl

Haunting pain sits with us both

Tales of violence here abode

Sharing crying too much I choke

With my friend Rainbow Girl

Words unsaid are understood

We both ate passion like a food

Trying hard to change my mood

With my friend Rainbow Girl


For Kathie

Drops of rain upon the leaves

Sun shine brightly through the trees

The spider web casts light above

The gentle calling of the dove

Drops of rain upon our heads

As we walked along the garden’s edge

strolling in the spring like dew

with my thoughts, my dreams and you

opening boxes from the past

remembering dreams which didn’t last

sad because the die is cast

watching evening creep in fast

Drops of rain on the window pane

While the world outside plays it’s game

We in silence sit in sharing

With quiet love and God like caring

Drops of rain, we say goodbye

Thoughts of ‘could have been’ with you and I

We start our journeys , off once more

Like birds one day we hope to soar

As we sat and talked that day

Two people meet not far away

In a Church just after Mass

Perhaps a romance made to last

Today I thank God for your life

For the love you have inside

I don’t ask God for what I’m not

I simply accept what is my lot.

27 April 2000