LDS/Mormon Poetry

Lehi´s Journey

And where upon the Promised Land

did Lehi come to be?

darkened waves and endless nights

across tormenting seas.

A Light which pierced the darkness

and hope which cleared the way

An angel crossing leading him 

to brighter, better days

Wherever Love has fain to dwell 

and gives its step of Truth

all are blest in Unity, 

women, men and youth


Lehi´s Vision



Oh burning shining Light beloved,

calling man away from shame

God before dear Lehi moved

Our loving Guide in Awe and Flame

And  present still in  minds

brightly calling higher thoughts

tempering our lower ways

when it seems they are our lot

And when It stopped on Lehi’s way

calling him to trust, obey

a journey for all men was made

to restoration, awe and faith.


Poem – Nephi

Upon the mind of Lehi’s son

there swept a sweet refrain

A melody of precious Love

which no man can restrain

A melody of Peace & Love

a river bursting forth

a song of Love & sanctity

for mankind travels forth

And oh the vessel scorned and mocked

like Jesus on the cross

battered, broken by his kin

because of purer thoughts


Laman and Nephi

Is that a shadow on your brow

of tears and deep regret?

does the thought of loving parents

come with deep respect?

And oh the games we Children played

 just wasting precious hours

when we were close with high ideals

of hunting games and prowess

How can a Faith so clean and pure

divide us into camps?

the Love I have, my brother still,

burns deeply in my heart.

With every wound and bound you gave

My body battered sore

For they taught me God’s great Love

and how to love Him more.

Surrendering to His great plan

In every waiting hour

Oh the Joy, the Peace and Love

Oh gentle present Power.


River Sidon

Deep within our mortal minds

We hear her gentle stream

Battles fought ravished by time

Reflect her gentle beams.

 Starry nights and sun-filled days

 Upon her granite poised

Where Prophets prayed upon her banks

 O´er shadowed now with noise.

Yet peace she brings with every stone

 Where faltering birds do nest

And otters with their children come

To take their peace and rest.

In her divine appointed flow

Fear leaves no saddened thoughts

For change is named upon her brow

With no heightened sense of loss.

And by her banks sweet angels flow

Attending to their wards

While we wait, there comes sad moods

With only darker thoughts.

 Yet sweet repose and Love are here

 For all who hear her song

 Far away from bills to pay

 And every sense of wrong.

Her gentle flowing higher streams

Do guide us in our thoughts

 to a peaceful place of mind

 flowing o´er the darker rocks. ´

Tis good for us to stop and hear

Her gentle peaceful flow

While Angels pass with quieter thoughts

Allowing us to grow.


The Testimony of Abish

In God no feud is found

Past are my Brother’s fears

The Saviour’s Love and gratitude

Wipe painful bitter tears

Now the paths of tribes, reflect

Right, Truth, Peace and Love

Abiding in our Master’s Light

With Angels from above

And oh the years of sadness

Of darkness and disdain

When we fought and killed each man

By  the river Sidon’s plains

And as my forefathers

With brass plates passed to keep

I testify of visions true

Sent to feed His Sheep

This lowly servant, that I am

Proclaims the Saviour’s Love

and weaves together unity

A mantle from above.


Helaman 16:6 – Stoning of Samuel

Helaman 16:6

Oh the years without a creed

With stone in hand to hurt and bleed

I thought no Saviour did I need

Twas  the same thought aimed at Samuel

Each day began with crowds and fears

Conditioned hatred, screams and tears

With stones in hand I marched up near

Twas the same thought aimed at Samuel

And with fear, in thought and mind,

Other people did I bind

With rage and anger to mankind

Twas the same thought aimed at Samuel

I threw my stones with strength I found

And watched them tumbling to the ground

No power can hurt what God has crowned

Twas the same thought aimed at Samuel

And as I learnt to leave my woes

And trust in God oh sweet repose

Through the Saviour’s blood we know

How God protected Samuel.


Three Nephites

Brothers in your lives we see,

The work of God which must be done

Loving everyone we meet

Until our Saviour, Lord does come

Brothers won’t you sit with me?

Just like Manoah’s Angel warned

Come and sup and take your bread

We shall offer it to the Lord

Gently in the darkest night

Three shadows move within our sphere

Keeping all on upward wing

Unril he comes, our Saviour Dear

Brothers will ye tarry here?

Wash your feet and rest a while

For it is our Lord’s command

To greet the stranger with a smile


Nephi and Zoram, Reunited after Death.

Joy of joy o’er rough seas

Your boat is moored

Memories of other lives

A place secured

Long and far away from sin

To higher senses,  brave one

Trusting Him who knows us best

We daily run

How pride is loosened on our way

No more fear of death and war

In the Saviour’s Love we trust

And all He died for

No place here for Earth’s idols

For God’s Love sustains

Through wars and battles, dreams

He e’er remains

His Light shines on,

Unity,  our minds are one

We turn to higher callings

Spiritual Sons.

Together in Unity