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What is Christian Science?

Christian Science Prayer Interpretations

Christian Science Hymnal 1909

Free Historical CS Lectures (written)

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AUDIO BOOKS (Recorded by J. McTaggart)

People´s Idea of God – MBE

Rudimental Divine Science -MBE

Footprints Fadeless – MBE

Christian Science VS Pantheism – MBE

Mary Baker Eddy – Her Purpose and Accomplishment – Fred Dixon

CS Readings for Plainfield CS Church

Footsteps of Truth (from S and H) – Part 1


Prayer of Azariah from the Apocrypha

Sermon on The Mount

Book of Hebrews

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Nehemiah 1-5    Nehemiah 6-10

Book of James

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Concordance to the 1910 Edition

(Espanol – 1910)

(Espanol – 1875)

Jewish Science – Rabbi Alfred G Moses (an early student of Mrs Eddy who took the book to the Jewish people with her blessing)

Books By Mary Baker Eddy (PDF)

Prose Works containing:

Misc Writings,  Retrospection and Introspection, Unity of Good,  Pulpit and Press, Rudimental Divine Science, No and Yes, Christian Science versus Pantheism, Message To The Mother Church 1900, Message To The Mother Church 1901, Message To The Mother Church 1902, Christian Healing, The People´s Idea of God , Miscellany.  

Journal Writings     Sentinel Writings 

Manual of the Mother Church (88th Edition)

CS Journals

Complete 1906 Volume


Calvin Frye Diary – Visions of Mrs Eddy

The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy – G Milmine

Ancestry of Mary Baker Eddy by William Montgomery Clemens Sadly not her Ancestry going back to King David which was researched for Mrs Eddy and remains unpublished by the  Mother Church.

The Robert Peel Trilogy about Mrs Eddy and other Biographies to read free online

Intro to JF Gilman recollections

Recollections of James F. Gilman

Building the Mother Church

Church Manual: Church Universal and Triumphant by Helen M Wright

War in Heaven: Sixteen Years’ Experience in Christian Science Mind-healing – Josephine Curtis Battles Woodbury

Christian Science Voices – Josephine Curtis Battles Woodbury

Eustace Writings – One Volume

Founding Facts    Class Drill

Blue Book   Red Book 

Green Book

Angelic Overtures – Alice Orgain

As It is by Alice Orgain

The Detached Branch –  Alice Orgain

Distinguishing Characteristics of Mary Baker Eddy’s Progressive Revisions of Science and Health – Alice Orgain

The Story of the Church Manual, Proving Its Immortality – Alice Orgain

My Spiritual Aeroplane – Augusta E. Stetson

Vital Issues in Christian Science – Augusta E. Stetson

Reminiscences, Sermons and Other Correspondence – Augusta E. Stetson

A Tribute of Love and Gratitude – Augusta E. Stetson

Poems by Augusta E. Stetson

Letters and Excerpts from Letters 1889 – 1909 from Mary Baker Eddy – Augusta E. Stetson

Important Questions – Augusta E. Stetson

Greetings and a Message to the Dear Children – Augusta E. Stetson

Life´s Infinite Spiritual Ideas Cannot Be Obliterated – Augusta E. Stetson

WHAP Radio  – A detailed background to the first CS radio station in New York operated by Augusta E. Stetson in the 1920s. Includes a program schedule.

Annie Knott – Birth Record, Stewarton, Scotland.

Free Historic CS Bible Lessons – Stanley C Larkin´s site

Other sites:

Max Kappeler´s site about the Science of Christian Science.

An academic site dedicated to the PP Quimby, Mrs Eddy Debate

Stanley C Larkin´s Endtime site

UNITY – main site church

Joel Goldsmith – A former CS Practitioner who became Independent and founded the Infinite Way Movement

Joel Goldmith – Spiritual Journey

Joel Goldsmith – Do Not Meet A Problem On The Same Level

Joel Goldsmith Official Streaming Site

Ernest Holmes

Centre for Spiritual Living – Seattle Branch