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A Snow White Blanket Dawn

And comes a snow white blanket dawn
around the Garnock way
across the darkened thoughts of man
a Love at break of day

And o´er the bogs and hills there´s ice
the cows they gently cower
a voice says “Man with all your cares
be still for just an hour”

The darkened views of waning health
exchanged for winter cheer
the snow reflects a gentle calm
upon the town so dear

And on the braes the deer are seen
walking proudly by
no man can touch their safety now
upon their mountain high

Upon the tombs of rested men
lies layers of icy sense
reflecting that the One great Mind
preserves their innocence

O the Love that comes to Man
and all that went before
with coal fires, spades and gas lamplight
the steel work furnace roared

Now with vision double glazed
with houses big and warm
we still declare it's not enough
to get us through the morn

Demanding more at every turn
it gently takes us higher
looking towards a Higher sense
than simply vain desire

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