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Mary (Maria) McTaggart 1887 – 1907

Maria McTaggart worked for W and J Knox in Kilbirnie and sadly caught her breast in one of the machines. She was a sister of my Great Grandfather Neil McTaggart.

She eventually died at the young age of 19. The family maintained it was because of her wound which became “cancerous”, yet there is no known link between a breast wound and cancer. That is now known to be an urban myth. She in fact died of a lung condition.

It seems the family were living out at “the Den” which was a little village called Barkip. It no longer exists but you can still see traces of it on the Beith to Dalry Road. It was disbanded in the early 20th Century and the people were moved to other locations such as the Longbar, Rows, Beith and Dalry. It had a Church, Bank, Post Office and school.

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