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Glengarnock Steel: Third Annual Sports Day August 1922

Lots of local names including Margaret Johnstone´s Roselea troup of dancers…..  as well as other football and sports news:  George Dallas and AH Graham from Maryhill. Reverend Arthur R.  Wiseman, former employee of Glengarnock Steel on a trip home from Canada.

R. Taylor,  J. Harley,  R.  Sharp and R. Craig  seem to have been the winners of the day.

Lady Amy Janet Bilsland 1892 – 1979 was the Daughter of David Colville.

I was trying to figure out where Kersland Field was – from the picture it looks a lot like the football ground they have in Kilbirnie now, called Vale Park but yet Kersland was over beside Glengarnock.



Names: John Colville,  Steven Colville, Lady Bilsland, James Hamilton, Archibald Russell,  Margaret Johnstone´s Roselea troup, MB Walker, Ray Topping.


Fraser, McIntyre, Sutherland, Graham, Rintoul, Hutchison, Gordon, Wallace, Renfrew, Barry, Hughes,


For names in this page, please read.



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