Kilbirnie / North Ayrshire, Uncategorized

Hamilton McQueen – Glengarnock Steel Works

Extract from Colvilles Staff Magazine, 1921, (two pages) other names mentioned, An´ra MacDougall, Robert Breckenridge, PA Abernethy, E. Sharp, Avil´s Cottage, Ed Kerr, W Anderson, John Drysdale, GP West, Robert Ferguson, James McArthur, John Busby, Andrew Millar, James Millar, John McGhie, Hugh Aitken, James Robertson,  James MacBride, John MacBride,  Irvine Clifford, Hugh Blue, Alex McMurray, Robert Irvine, (there are other pictures of him around Kilbirnie and his work with the Salvation Army, if its the same person) John Colville, David Colville,

Hamilton McQueen

Hamilton McQueen p2


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