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“Memories of the Rows. The Fading Breath of The Past”. By John McFarland of 29 Long Row Glengarnock

Many of you are asking if I have this booklet which was originally written in the late 1970s I believe.  It captures many names of people and places which vanished in the 1930s but has information going back into the 1800s. There is a little extract of it which is still around and can be found at

I do not currently have a copy of this booklet but it is still circulating within the town. I last came across an audio version of it back in the 1990s  which was being used by the local blind society as part of their library they shared with locals. If it got that far then I´m sure it must be around somewhere perhaps in the local history dept of North Ayrshire library.

If anybody has a copy, please send it to me and I will put it up here.  Use the “contact me” button on this site please.





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