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Gaelic Lesson 16: Adjectives

As in English, we have two types of adjectives:

  1. the adjectives before the noun (the green man )
  2. the adjectives after the noun (the man is green)

The same rules apply in Gaelic but can be a little bit vague when trying to translate because the adjective comes immediately after the noun (not before) in both cases. As always there are exceptions to this rule and there are some appearing before.

The rules surrounding the lenition of singular adjectives is fairly complicated and I think it is best to learn these “on the go”. More will be said about these as we move forward.


points to note:

some masculine adjectives lenite if they are with prepositions or possessives. Slenderising only happens with the possessive and an article where the adjective is masculine .

Feminine adjectives always lenite, however they also add an E if the noun is in its long form.

In plural adjectives, an “a” is added at the end, otherwise they do not change

brògan ùra

the adjective can be lenited with some  plurals,

balaich bheairteach




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