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Scottish Gaelic Lesson Intro: Articles and Verb To Be

Like many languages, there are two genders in Gaelic, as a general rule, the article for “a” like “a sheep” does not exist, therefore you will not see it in Gaelic. There are articles for “the” (a and am)  but since “an” can have many meanings, such as  common articles, possessive, preposition, question, etc it cannot be used to define gender, these artciels also change depending on the first letter of the following word, my advice is to learn the gender and its accompanying article and keep in mind that before B, F, M or P it will always be M.


The verb “to be”

Tha mi : (ha mee) I am

Tha thu:  (ha oo) You are

Tha e:  (ha eh) (as in get) He is

Tha i:  (ha e)  (as in feet) She is

Tha sinn:  (ha sheen) We are

Tha sibh:  (ha shiv)  You (Pl) are

Tha iad (ha eeut) They are

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