A Very Curious Song

The other day I found this song from the 1990s which I haven´t  “watched” in a long time. Its a video-clip and is very telling about our experience of life  and how we perceive that experience.

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

So a young lady is walking through the streets of  Los Angeles (or another US city) carrying a massive heart. No one wants her, she tries to get on a bus, get in a taxi, go to a cafe and she is refused because they cannot accommodate her heart and she gets a bit sad, lost and alone.  As a result, the heart starts to shrink and it gets so small that she finally carries it under her arm.

At this point she meets someone who asks her in a date and as they say goodbye, the heart starts to grow. The man looks back and sees the huge heart and is saddened because he does not want a commitment and is not ready to receive a person with such a big quantity of love (a large heart).

This is what happens when we think that another person “owns” or can give us love in quantities.








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