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A Poem for Paisley

The Threads of Paisley

If all the threads that Paisley made were found again one day

I’d hang them in the sky with Love to take away the grey

Upon the gold I’d write a tale of stories from our past

About the folk we´ve lost in time that’s moved away so fast.

Upon the red I’d see the war and all the men who died

I’d write the names of all their wives whose tears we left behind

Upon the Abbey darkened threads of blackened thoughts and times

A bygone age of killing folk for witchcraft and false crimes.

Threads of blue I’d give to schools, to teach them peace and Love

By leaving parts of history, while rainbows hang above

Upon the green, the Irish woe, migration, war and fear

While London pushes migrants out with hatred causing tears.

Upon the white I’d ask the kids to write their stories clear

To fill the sky with hopes and dreams of music for our ears

Upon this richest tapestry I’d paint a heart and crown

To show the world the triumphs of dear Paisley, my sweet town.

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