The future of #Gaelic , #ismiseGàidhlig

The resurrection of Gaelic is a great idea but I feel its important not to confuse sentimentality with future use. Some people try to cling to it as a relic of our past but that sentimentality will ultimately be ripped away in the march of progress. As technology affects everything in our lives, that relic is destined to vanish which will mean disappointment for many people unless we change our view. 
We need to find a workable use of Gaelic for the future and acknowledge it as linking to our past, but we must also submit to “where it’s going” positively rather than “where it’s been” and acknowledge it as a collective living entity.
I believe that in our psyche, we are currently using Gaelic as a point of Identity, which links to our past but is not yet being used to move us forward other than on a functional cognitive level. We see that with more and more aggression demanding rights for Gaelic because people feel insecure with it, as it exists for  many people only superficially.

If indeed Gaelic is being used as a tool for identity then it requires entry in our mind at a subconcious level rather than a cognitive one or surface structure. This is the only way it can survive.
I’ve been looking at ways of creating some kind of Gaelic spirituality, based on scientific principles and laid out in some kind of pedagogical structure and accessed through the Arts, then utilised to bring Gaelic in a deeper sense to us. I think this is neccessary for two reasons:

1. As new speakers of the language enter functionally to the Gaelic world, they cannot experience depth. They simply use Gaelic words instead of English ones.

2.Native Gaelic speakers are intrinsically linked with a religious opinion which cannot serve them in the future as it, itself has failed to modernise and has rather became a time honoured system destined to die and further rob Gaels of a systematic part of life. 

I doubt very much that this idea will be popular amongst traditional hard core Gaels who are very set in their ways, but considering the current moral system has held all of us prisoner for many years, (and is almost dead) we need to move on. 

I will post more about this as it develops, if anyone wants to know more, let me know.

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